How Healthy are your ARCHICAD Projects?
ArchiCHECKUP is a 115 point check that comprehensively examines your ARCHICAD project for issues related to Size, Speed and Structure. These are the three foundations that support a fast, efficient 
and reliable workflow and enables you to have 'healthy' projects!
After a thorough analysis of your file you will receive a detailed digital 46 page report which is divided into seven intuitive sections and each item is color coded to highlight all the opportunities for improvement, as well as showing you what you're doing right! Each point is thoroughly explained and a link is provided to the relevant section in the ARCHICAD 21 Online Help Center to help guide you, along with references to the ever-expanding BIM6x Blog where applicable.
Think of it as an express route to discovering the areas where you most need ARCHICAD training, but without the hassle of sitting through hours of irrelevant training or sifting through pages of redundant information. It's an incredibly valuable tool because what you don't know, you don't know and the ArchiCHECKUP will reveal issues that even the most experienced BIM Manager may not be aware of.
Plus it's powered by BIM6x so you know you're in good hands!


What is the Process?

The process is simple...

Step 1 - Select an ArchiCHECKUP solution that suits you

Step 2 - Click the link in your email confirmation

Step 3 - Complete a brief online form and upload your ARCHICAD Archive Project (*.pla) file

Step 4 - Receive your ArchiCHECKUP report within 7 days*

Step 5 - Action important issues revealed in the report and improve your ARCHICAD efficiency!



What do I get Back?

You will receive an ArchiCHECKUP Report. This is a PDF that reports on 115 checks in the following seven sections:
1. Library Management:                 7 checks
2. Project Management:               15 checks
3. Attribute Management:            17 checks
4. Project Settings:                       31 checks
5. Project Preferences:                  10 checks
6. Project Structure:                     30 checks
7. External Content:                       5 checks
TOTAL:                                       115 checks


Below are some example pages from an actual ArchiCHECKUP Report:

[+] zoom                                                                [+] zoom                                                               [+] zoom
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How Much Does it Cost?

Each ArchiCHECKUP costs just $299. This is great value for money given that takes 4-6 hours of intensive checking to complete each project review and the comprehensive report provided!



Sound Like Something You Need?!

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so go ahead and submit your best (or worst) project for an ArchiCHECKUP today!

*Each ArchiCHECKUP up to 1Gb takes 4-6 hours to complete depending on complexity. The process may be shorter than 7 days depending on volume. Due to the nature of the (remote) checking process work environment profiles, hotlinked modules, specific library part issues, and photorendering settings are not checked, but generalized advice is provided. The ArchiCHECKUP is not a guarantee that all issues in every project will be addressed but guidance is given for further follow-up technical support. Only projects in English are accepted. We take confidentiality extremely seriously. Upon delivery of your report BIM6x will delete your ARCHICAD Archive Project file immediately. Absolutely nothing will be shared with anyone outside our technical team.  Unauthorized reproduction is strictly forbidden. ArchiCHECKUP and BIM6x is copyright ©. 2015 All rights reserved worldwide.


"Our company develops hundreds of residential designs per year. Like everyone else in our industry, we value efficiency in the modeling and documentation processes. Minor improvements in method can yield substantial improvements in overall work-flow. ArchiCHECKUP enables us to quickly locate major and minor flaws in our documentation and modeling procedures. The size of the report, while initially daunting, is extremely clear and easy to use. Within minutes, I was able to identify at least 10 areas for immediate improvement and was also alerted to several potential trouble spots that might hinder our efforts. In addition to explaining successes and failures in procedure, ArchiCHECKUP provided alerts to possible improvements in software use that our team had not even considered. Whether you need a quick check, in-depth detail, or advice on further training, ArchiCHECKUP provides a comprehensive and easy to follow guide. Well done!"

Brent Behm - Simonson Design Studio
Fargo, North Dakota
"We were having many problems with our projects being slow and not as streamlined as we would like. With the help of ArchiCHECKUP we have been able to identify our problem areas and speed up our production. Thank you guys.”

Jeremy Welker, Bott Pantone Architects
Ogden, UT