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"Our company develops hundreds of residential designs per year. Like everyone else in our industry, we value efficiency in the modeling and documentation processes. Minor improvements in method can yield substantial improvements in overall work-flow. ArchiCHECKUP enables us to quickly locate major and minor flaws in our documentation and modeling procedures. The size of the report, while initially daunting, is extremely clear and easy to use. Within minutes, I was able to identify at least 10 areas for immediate improvement and was also alerted to several potential trouble spots that might hinder our efforts. In addition to explaining successes and failures in procedure, ArchiCHECKUP provided alerts to possible improvements in software use that our team had not even considered. Whether you need a quick check, in-depth detail, or advice on further training, ArchiCHECKUP provides a comprehensive and easy to follow guide. Well done!"

Brent Behm - Simonson Design Studio
Fargo, North Dakota
"We were having many problems with our projects being slow and not as streamlined as we would like. With the help of ArchiCHECKUP we have been able to identify our problem areas and speed up our production. Thank you guys.”

Jeremy Welker, Bott Pantone Architects
Ogden, UT